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A generous contribution goes a long way.


Starting a synagogue is not without financial considerations.

Having access to the space we worship, siddurim, technology, and other needs add up quickly in cost.  Contact Cantor Allen or puck to learn how your contribution of time, talent, or treasure could contribute to the success of this much needed inclusive and affirming space.

All donations to Makom Shelanu Congregation are considered charitable contributions and tax-deductible with our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.

Donate securely through Paypal here:

Make a Donation in honor or in memory of someone!
Make sure you put their email or mailing address in the notes section so we can let them know you were thinking of them!
We will also list the donations in the Makom Minutes the first Friday of each month.
(Just your name and the honoree, or the name of remembrance, no donation amounts will be listed)

Looking to contribute to oneg, or kiddush?  Let us know!

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